All Empires Fall

by Threskiornis

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Vetrarnótt A totally unknown band to me. When I searched for Threskiornis on Google I got both the ibis and a few reviews of this album. To embody the obscurity just add to the album's artwork the right atmosphere (given the blackened trait) that's so nicely crafted with other instrument's harshness. Dual vocals and lyrics follow the melancholy given by the cello, making this music so special. Can't get tired of these riffs and the cello parts. This is really a must-listen and deserve a follow-up. Favorite track: Writhe.
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released June 19, 2016

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Laura Landsdowne
Album artwork by Jarwo & Brutal
Eternal gratitude ^^
Recorded at Hotshots, January 2016.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Threskiornis Australia

Bee - vocals
Dom - vocals
Jack - guitar
JJ - drums, bass
Eli - cello

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Track Name: Where To From Here
This wasn’t a choice
but its my life
I embrace it
learnt to survive
Weve felt the dirt
weve tasted blood
we’ve licked our wounds
where to from here
I leave the house in armour of being
Everything Ignored
or just simply
Torn. Away.
Track Name: Writhe
plug in heart carried me far, rot my flesh into yr hand
fill my bones up, crumble my golden curl
dust my sun spotted bridge
hold my earlobe with your tounge
dance your teeth across my rolling landscape legs
and graze my knees, with boulder eyes

rise with heat, bake and write underneath,
red limbs splayed on worn tarmac
sweet honey skin, earth rubbed in
skull stench road, death heartache

pull at the corners of my skin
fill anthills with freckles
teeth line the roads
my tounge licks at empty riverbeds
Track Name: Murdered Birds
i choose a world, where i can breath the air
i choose a world, where i can submerge my head in freshwater
i choose a world, where i can climb it's curves
i choose a world, where i can plant my feet firmly in the dirt

trudge frustration in the earth
i lack weakness i break easy

dark times, lie ahead of us, but there comes a time
when we must choose, between what is easy
and what is right

the air is toxic
the water is poisoned
the mountains are razed
my feet, lay in nothing but dust

i lack weakness i break easy
Track Name: Quiet Man
high horse, educated, entitled and opinionated
open mouth, ignorant and loud
speak your mind, intellectualised
unquestioned confidence, self assured
drain me of my time
stop talking at me. stop talking at me.
when you open your mouth
and no words, come out
you'll be the quiet man
Track Name: Land Stolen
Land stolen
Taken away from those who protected
not just dirt
but an ageless culture
the oldest, destroyed, in the blink of an eye
the oldest, destroyed, in the blink of an eye
Lives taken away
for the precious soil
Luxury of the west
luxury prevails
Apologies were made
titles were signed
this all means nothing
Luxury Prevails
Track Name: Silence
Silence, Silence, Silence
Will be the death of us
No longer shall we hide like the mouse
it is our time to rise like the wolf
Our time has come to run through the streets
the time has now come to tear up these streets
Stone By Stone
And not lay silent